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Amari Pattaya – An outstanding Beachfront Property in Pattaya!

Pattaya is a resort city on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, about 100 kilometres from Bangkok and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South East Asia. While not exactly one of Thailand’s popular beach destinations, such as Phuket or Koh Samui, the Beach Road in Pattaya is indeed a great place to be in. And situated on this Pattaya Beach Road is an ocean front property of Amari Pattaya! Read on to know more about our experience.


The Pattaya Beach Road is indeed a great location to setup a hotel. This entire stretch is completely a tourist hub as is the road that leads up to Walking Street! And situated, right towards the beginning of this road is the Amari Pattaya. It appears to be quite popular with the cabs as the one that picked us up from the Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Bangkok, didn’t have any doubts and took us directly to the hotel.

About the Property

ONYX Hospitality Group, the parent company of the Amari hotels, has numerous hotels across various countries in the Asian continent and the Amari properties are known for their excellent location and outstanding service.

As soon as you reach the property the first thing that you’ll get a feeling that your holiday has begun (in case you haven’t yet got that feeling after landing in Bangkok, that is!). We noticed a lot of tourists around the hotel and it seemed like a busy place. At the time of this review, there was some renovation happening, which we were aware of and we were kinda worried that the noise might reach the room (luckily, this wasn’t the case).

At the entrance of Amari Ocean Pattaya
Indu posing in front of the Hotel building.

The property has a swimming pool and has an eatery/bar that can be accessed from the pool itself; another nice touch in setting such a facility up!


The hotel’s check-in time is 1400 hrs. We, however, were set to arrive by around 0900 hrs since our flight in Bangkok was to land at around 0600 hrs and as such, had requested for an early check, at the time of booking, though I was a little skeptical since we had booked one of the last few available rooms. As expected, all the rooms were fully booked and we were able to check-in right away. The staff, however, was kind enough to gave us access to a room to freshen up and head out to beach as we planned and once we got back from the beach and lunch, our room was ready.


We had made our booking directly on Amari’s Website and chose the “Junior Suite Ocean View” room at the time of booking, which comes luxury bedding, an open bathtub, a separate bathroom with shower, a double-vanity sink, a private balcony and a spectacular full length window that overlooks the ocean along with various other amenities!

Not sure if it was a Pattaya thing or because this room is generally preferred by honeymooners, but there was a box of condoms that are kept in the room as an amenity (in case you ever need one and find yourself without it). Needless to say, it was chargeable but that’s a good touch!

While we spent most of the time away from the hotel, visiting various places in and around Pattaya, it sure was wonderful to wake up and check out the ocean first thing in the morning, all throughout the day (whenever we were in the hotel to freshen up) and the last thing in the night


This particular suite came with an open bathtub that is right behind king size bed. There are blinds that can be rolled down to separate the bathtub from the bed, if necessary. Right opposite the bathtub was the double-vanity sink. On one side of the sink is the bathroom with the rain shower and the handheld shower. And the other side is the washroom with a western commode. Cleanliness is an aspect that Amari’s staff is very particular about and this shows in the bathroom as well. It was sparking clean and had all the necessary amenities that made our stay wonderful. Right from the usual kits and towels, everything was fresh and clean!


The buffet breakfast was one of the yummiest that we’ve tried, with a lavish spread and wide range of options to choose from! We totally loved trying out all the items available and their scrambled egg sure was a great way to start the day!

We didn’t really stay in the hotel for Lunch or Dinner and hence cannot comment on the rest of the food. However, stay on the look out for our next review for Amari Pattaya for more detailed information on their food. Though, if their breakfast is any indication, we can assume that the rest of the meals would be pretty amazing as well!


We called in from the room informing that we’d be checking out soon and they had the bill ready by the time we were in the lobby. In case you have luggage, they’d be happy to send up the bell boy. We didn’t have much luggage and hence directly proceeded to the lobby. This entire process hardly took a couple of minutes and we were on our way to the next destination soon!

Customer Service:

Exceptional. Everyone looked eager to help throughout our stay. Thailand is known and land of smiles and the staff working here appeared to be the embodiment of that! While we do not remember any names, it was indeed a please interacting with all of them!

Final Verdict & Ratings

Amari Pattaya is undoubtedly one of the best hotels to stay in, in Pattaya and with the upgrades that they’re are planning it could easily turn into a favorite destination for tourists. Situated in an excellent location, with outstanding cleanliness, warm hospitality and superior service, you would surely feel like extending your stay here! We’ll definitely stay here again!

Until next time!
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