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Godfather Beard Oil Lite: Keep your beard hair softer and shinier with this quality product from Beardo!

Beards have been fashionable for a while now and right from the short stubble till the long and full beard, spotting a bearded man is pretty common these days! Now, maintaining a stubble is relatively easier. All you need is a beard trimmer and about 5 mins every day or every other day! But a full beard requires more attention and care with products such as Beard Wash, Beard Oil and Beard Softener! It basically needs to be pampered! And all the more so for those who love to ride; bikers like us!

One of the most common mistakes people do while growing a beard is that they just let it grow! But just like your hair on the head, facial hair also requires to be nourished and moisturized in order to stay healthy! And this is where such beard care products come into play!

In today’s post, I’ll be talking about the Beardo’s Godfather Beard Oil Lite, something that I’ve been using quite regularly, on a daily basis to ensure that my beard is well groomed and in control, even when I’m riding and exposed to lot of dust and pollution!

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Beardo has many option for beard oils to chose from and the Godfather Lite is one such option. This is essentially a blend of natural oils as well as vitamins and claims to keep the beard soft, shiny and smooth while preventing flakiness, beard dandruff and skin dryness. Let’s take a quick look at its ingredients before diving into my experience of using this product.

The primary ingredients are Almond Oil, Olive oil, Aloevera Extract, Mineral Oil and Vitamin E along with added fragrance which gives this oil a pleasant smell. On paper, these ingredient look and sound promising. Let’s check-out how it fares in the real world.


I had ordered the “The Ultimate Beard Combo” and this comes in nicely packed box containing Godfather Beard Oil, Godfather Beard Wash, Beard & Mustache Wax-Extra Strong. The box looked strong enough and had cushioning inside to hold these products in place without the chance of them spilling out.

The oil comes in a glass bottle (or what feel like a glass bottle and not plastic) with a dripper cap which makes taking the oil onto the palm a lot easier and hassle free.

Beard Oil Quality & Fragrance

As soon as you take a few drops onto your palm, there will be two things that you’d notice. The oil is not greasy and the fragrance that it gives out is quite pleasant and likable. It surely ins’t strong and pungent! Once you apply the oil onto your beard, you will notice that i’s quite easy to wash off the residual oil from your palms (one of the reasons that I keep one bottle of this in my office so that I can apply it upon reaching the office).

Application and Effects

The instructions on the bottle read “Take a few drops on your palm, rub it and apply it on Beard and Mustache.”. The reason they do not suggest any specific number of drops is because that number depends on multiple factors such as the length of the beard as well and condition of the beard. Dry and rough beards might need more oil and groomed and maintained beards. Similarly, longer beards will need more oil and the ones who’ve just started growing.

As on the date of this article, I’ve noticed that 7 drops work perfectly for my beard. I take 7 drops on my palm, rub it and then gently massage it all over the beard for about 3 to 5 minutes. By the time I’m done with the massage, my palms are almost dry and washing off the residual oil is easy work.

After application, I’ve noticed that the beard retains the shine for around 4 to 5 hours and stays conditioned and groomed till late in the night when I wash the beard again! The fragrance, though, is a different story as it tends to stays on only for an hour or two at most.

Riding and Beard Care

While riding, beard care becomes all the more important as you’re exposed to dust and pollution and these can make your beard frizzy and difficult to maintain. So whenever we go on long rides, I do the following things in exactly that order:

  • Wash the beard with a good Beard Wash
  • Pat the beard dry without using a hairdryer and then apply a Beard Softener
  • Right before leaving, apply the Beard Oil

This has always ensured that maintain my beard is not too difficult even when exposed to harsh elements while riding for over 8 to 10 hours and that my beard stays photo ready all the time!

Final Verdict

It is no doubt that a full beard always needs proper care and maintenance and with Beardo Godfather Beard Oil Lite, you surely won’t go wrong. Beardo has been making some fine products for men’s grooming in India and you can surely trust their Godfather range to give your bead the right kind of nourishment and care, whether you’re at home, office or are traveling!

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Happy Riding!
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